Welcome to Colombia! You´ll feel right at home.

This message greeted us on a huge sign as we entered the airport in Bogotá. We were exhausted from travelling all day, and couldn´t wait to get through customs and retrieve our luggage.  Our journey began at 4am in Chicago, when Sali (Taylor´s mom) drove us to O´Hare. It didn´t really sink in we were leaving until our bags were on the curb and it was time to move inside.  I may or may not have teared up a bit as we hugged Sali and waved goodbye. From there, we flew to JFK, then to Orlando, and finally onto Bogotá. I would like to undescore how wonderful it is to fly with JetBlue. The customer service has always been excellent, and their staff are always so courteous and interesting to talk with. How can you not love the extra legroom, direcTV, & delicious snacks. Their popular slogan is “Thanks for flying with us!” Really JB, the pleasure is ours!

After hailing a cab and negotiating a price, we rode to Ana & Alexis´ home in Fontíbon where they greeted us with open arms. They are the same family Hauna stayed with while she lived here, and the entire family is so kind and generous. They had prepared a lovely meal of pasta waiting for us which was a delight because we were starving!

This morning, we were greeted by Gabriela, their sweet 3 year old daughter who sings and laughs all the time. She is a keeper! Following a delicious breakfast of eggs and pancito (little roll) and delicious fruit I don´t know the name of, we headed out with Gabriela, and her grandfather, Ernesto, to purchase some cell phones and have my tall boots repaired. We got a pretty good deal on the phones and a pre-paid plan, and new heels on my boots cost a whoppin´ $1.50!

I´ve been warned to be extremely cautious taking photos because of the risk of thieves who would be quick to snatch it of my person. It´s difficult to restrain myself because I want to photograph so many people and things! Once we have internet at our home, I will be uploading photos from our final visits with family & friends, along with photos shot cautiously here in Bogotá.

From here, we´re headed out to explore more of the city! I love saying goodbye the way Colombians do. Ciao!



  1. So happy to know you guys arrived safely! Enjoy it all take it all in. I am so in awe that you guys have taken such a great adventure. Live life to the fullest dream big! I told your Mom yesterday morning that they did a great job parenting. I hope one day my girls will have the confidence to do something so exciting. Be good, be careful and keep us posted on your adventure! ❤

    • Sweet Renee, Thank you for your comment! My parents have been wonderful and supportive. I am so thankful for them. I believe strongly that your girls will grow up to be strong, extraordinary women just like their mother! We´ll be in touch!

  2. We are glad to hear you guys made the journey safely and it sounds as though you two are off to a good start!! Keep us posted on your adventures and good luck!! Mike and I are so excited for you both!

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