Our Baby is a…

After months of guessing, we finally know our baby’s gender! We had our sonogram on Thursday and shared the news with close friends and family. When we showed the photos below to our 6 year old nephew, Cuyler, he asked in disbelief, “Are you REALLY having a monkey?!” Until our little baby arrives, this sweet monkey from Pier One will serve as a great substitute. See if you can guess our baby’s gender from the photos below!




Yup! Baby Ondrey is a…. BOY! And we couldn’t be more thrilled. Immediately following our appointment, I went straight to BabiesRus to buy this super cool outfit for our little man. I’m a big Project Runway fan, so this winning outfit that made it to store shelves was at the top of my list! The smallest size they carried was 6m. I can hardly imagine our baby as a newborn, let alone a 6 month old gentleman!


This monkey was a very willing participant and great model! I sent these photos to my husband with the caption “Our poor son has no idea what he’s being born into!” Until you arrive, Baby Ondrey, this monkey will do his best to make your stuff look good.



Aren’t these shoes just too cool for school?! They’re also a part of the Truly Scrumptious line at BabiesRus – I just love Heidi Klum’s designs for infants and toddlers!


Until you arrive, we will keep talking & singing to you, and preparing our hearts for the greatest love and joy, little man! Your momma can’t wait to hold you close and take your picture!




  1. its hard to imagine your little man in 6 months clothes but oh how the time flies!!!!!!! Everyone will say that and you’ll believe them, but then when it actually happens it will be even faster than you thought. Cherish every moment! So happy for you 🙂

  2. That’s awesome news! I had my eye on the same outfit when I found out we were having a boy. You guys will have so much fun preparing for his arrival.

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