Saving Money at the Farmer’s Market

One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning is going to the Farmer’s Market with my husband. I love the humming crowds of vendors and locals and we always run into someone we know!  We really do get the best deals there and I never cease to be amazed at the quality and quantity of fresh produce we carry home for the money we spent.

Here’s a snapshot of the results of one trip this summer where we spent less than $30! What a deal!

Although we’re huge fans of the market, we’ve also thought about doing a CSA next summer. We’ve heard such good things about it! Have you participated in one before? Is it worth it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on CSA vs. Farmer’s Market!



  1. There are a ton of great reasons to be part of a CSA. Of course, if you’re a regular at the farmer’s market and it’s working for you, there are reasons not to change. My CSA delivers and with a very busy schedule, that is fantastic. I love that I know my one farmer and that I’ve been to her farm. Sometimes, I get sick of okra or onions or eggplant but I know that my money is staying local.

  2. I did a CSA four years ago and it was really great, however I really do like the options you have with the farmers market. There are just so many choices, and like pp said above you get a lot of one thing because that just happens to be what they have a lot of that week 🙂 ya know, you could always do both 🙂

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