Shooting For Me

This summer was one of my busiest, and took me by complete surprise. I had no idea how quickly the photography business would grow and how much I would enjoy it! All summer long I have photographed old friends, family, new friends, and with the overwhelming amount of work that followed each of those sessions, I have found it less enjoyable to shoot for myself. Don’t get me wrong. Each time I pick up the camera, I AM shooting for myself. But I’m also shooting for my clients and their loved ones. I want to make the most of every shot and capture what really matters to them.

Each new session or shoot is a challenge, a learning experience, and an opportunity to not only do what I love, but to make someone else happy with the finished product. There’s so much work and care that goes into each session from the very first email or phone call to final delivery of the finished photos. Each and every moment with a client is extremely important to me, and while I shoot and edit, I am wholly invested in every detail of the process. This is all so very rewarding but can be exhausting, and I’ve found, lately, there’s little energy leftover to invest in photographing my own life while it’s unfolding. Shooting should always be for sharing, but it can also be for personal and professional growth and pure enjoyment.

I realized the other day how long it’s been since I just took a walk with my camera or explored my own neighborhood, lens in hand, searching for hidden moments and treasures waiting to be discovered. To be photographed and remembered.

Our 2 year old niece has been staying some over-nights with us, and it’s always so much fun because she is at such the wonderful age of discovery. On one of her recent visits, we took a walk together, and she inspired me to shoot for myself and capture the things I forget to look for and appreciate.

It felt so good to shoot for me.


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