My Soulmate & Her Delicious Orzo Salad

This summer, my soulmate got married. To someone else.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m married to the most amazing man in the world, but Kimberly and I have always felt like we were soulmates. We met about 12 years ago, when we were both teens volunteering with an inner-city ministry in Rochester, NY. Each summer, for about 8 of the past 12, we worked together in some capacity teaching at-risk kids. The nature of our work required a lot of trust and teamwork, and over the years, we discovered we were the perfect pair. Her strengths complimented my weaknesses and vice versa. We could read each other’s minds. We’d sometimes find ourselves in serious trouble: harm’s way, theft, cochroach infested apartments, etc.. But we always managed to emerge from these experiences as a stronger team with a closer bond than before. And now, we look back in wonder, and laugh about those crazy summers together.

Earlier this summer, Kim married an amazing guy. I helped her get ready while bawling my eyes out. I watched her walk down the aisle in splendor, and cried some more. And then, later, just like on my wedding day, we hugged long and hard and with tears in our eyes, smiled. And that was it. We didn’t have to say anything. We just read each other’s mind.

We’re both married to the men of our dreams, and wouldn’t have it any other way. But she and I will ALWAYS be soulmates.

That’s a long story to introduce her delicious recipe, but here it is! Kimberly’s Orzo Salad with Dill & Feta is one of my favorite summer salads. I love her and I love her salad! It’s delightfully fresh and I love the combination of the orzo and crunchy squash. Hurry up and quick make it before summer draws to an end!

From my soulmate to your dinner table.


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