Build a Better Day | New Day Granola

I love partnering with women who are entrepreneurs. My friend, Betsy, is a working mother of three who is passionate about feeding her family delicious, healthy food. She began baking granola for her mom’s Bed & Breakfast, and it has exploded into a business! Coming soon are her story and links to New Day Granola’s Etsy Shop & site. New Day Granola supports New Day Foster Home in Beijing, China where our friend, Anneli Johnson, is serving. There are three delicious flavors of New Day Granola, Cranberry Honey Walnut, Maple Apple Pecan, Chocolate Peanut Butter Almond.

I loved working with Betsy and her delicious, beautiful product. The granola is yummy and full of details that are cool to photograph. The photo below is one of my favorites. When we first spoke about this project on the phone, I envisioned the shot below. I wanted to capture a connection or relationship that told a story about her granola. Charlotte (her daughter) LOVES eating the granola, so she was the perfect model for this shoot.
Soon, you’ll be able to buy this granola online that’s Homemade. Delicious. Good for You. and support a beautiful cause- helping orphans find love and a home in their new families. Sign-up here to learn more about New Day Granola!

Logo/brand was designed by another entrepreneur I admire, Sarah Johnson (my sister-in-law!). Check out her etsy shop and website!


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