Welcome to Our World, John Luca | Newborn Session | Rochester, NY

Walking through life with friends & clients is the most rewarding part of this job. I first met this lovely family back in February at their maternity session in Webster. After our time together, I felt as if I had known Stephanie my whole life! She was a stunning mother-to-be and could easily model for a living.

Not surprisingly, their baby boy, John Luca, arrived in a perfect package and was one of the most beautiful babies I have ever met.

This post is quite late, as John Luca is now almost 4 months, and that sweet baby boy is part of my Baby’s First Year Sessions. We have already met again (lucky me!) for his 3 month shots, and I’ll see him again soon for his next session.

I am so honored to have the Poole family in my life. To watch John Luca grow and capture his milestones is a great treasure! Stay tuned for his 3 month shots!


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