A Shift of Mind | Rethinking Love & Marriage

There’s no way marriage is fun and the day you get married is the day your adventures come to an end. Ever since I was a little girl, I believed this to be true. My girlhood dreams were void of any white picket fences, dreamy wedding garb, or knight in shining armor. Don’t believe me? Just ask my best friend of 20+ years! She can vouch for me and the old disdain I carried for all things matrimonial.

Together, we spent hours playing pretend as little girls and not once (that I can recall) did I ever play the mommy or the wife. No. I insisted on being the nanny – a very protective one at that who carried a heavy-duty umbrella to ward off any bandits! Or I pretended to be the shopkeeper or my favorite, the grocery store cashier (I loved bagging the plastic food!). Always the entrepreneur, never the bride. I NEVER wanted to get married. Ever.

Even while dating in college, it was always in the back of my mind. I would never commit, because it would greatly interfere with my future plans to experience life fully. Besides, who in their right mind would want to settle down with the ‘ole ball and chain?

Shortly after I met Taylor, I had a small panic attack when it dawned on me that this path, our path, might never split back into two. We both could see where this was heading, and it scared me. I felt torn between the loyalty to my cause of remaining single my whole life, and the great and growing love I had for him. When your way of thinking is challenged, it can feel like shifting sand beneath your feet, and there is a point at which you realize you can cling to what you know or embrace this new-found truth and reality.

Years after pledging loyalty to the “I will not get married” club, I stood at the foot of the stairs that would lead me to the aisle where my fiancee was waiting for my hand. I thought back to that little girl and her determination to never get hitched. If she could only see me now, she’d heavily disapprove.

But that’s okay because what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. It will just catch her off guard and make her question her identity. But she’ll figure it out eventually, and when she does, she’ll embrace her new role and love of all things matrimonial.

Our journey together so far and our future has adventure written all over it, and I cannot imagine my story without my husband. Sometimes you change your mind. Sometimes you experience something extraordinary, like love & faithfulness, that shifts the way you think about things like love and marriage.

I’m now someone’s ‘ole lady and I love being married. Never before have I experienced so many adventures than I have with him. My husband that is. My adventure-mate and co-pilot. My partner in crime and fellow entrepreneur. I’ve never been happier.

Here we are in our new home celebrating our 2nd anniversary of being married after a roller coaster year packed with some of the greatest adventures. Yet.

*our wedding shots were taken by Amanda over at Love Like This Photography



  1. What a great post, Rebecca. Marriage is a wonderful adventure when you are married to a wonderful person you love being with, and I’m so glad that you are experiencing that love! So glad you are my sister-in-law!!

  2. So much better than living “out of one suitcase, or maybe 5” while running in the other direction! So, now it is 10 suitcases, hand and hand, running in the same direction. Love you both~

  3. Glad that your mind could be changed and open to marriage. It is the closest thing in life that parallels our relationship with God. And isn’t it so nice to have a partner with which to share this wonderful yet challenging life? So happy to have you in our family. Seems to me that each of you bring out the best in one another. Happy Anniversary.

  4. Beautiful post Rebecca. We had such a wonderful time celebrating your marriage two years ago! I couldn’t think of a couple more perfect for one another. Happy Anniversary love birds!!

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