Katie, George, & George Jr. | An Easter Blessing | Long Island Maternity Shoot

In honor of our friends, Katie & George who just welcomed their son into the world. Here are some of Katie’s maternity photos.

This session wasn’t planned and was a complete surprise on Easter Sunday. Taylor and I were supposed to be staying overnight in New Jersey. But instead, we spent Easter Sunday with Katie, George, and their family. We were supposed to be spending the next day enjoying the city, but instead our car broke down and we had to stay at a hotel on Long Island. Our car broke down right before we arrived at my friend’s wedding reception (no kidding), and we spent a good hour or so under the car trying to wire up the muffler before giving up. Since it was day before Easter Sunday, no mechanic or towing company was open. Instead of our original plan, God had something else in store for us!

We were so frustrated and upset, but pulled it together to walk to the reception. At the reception we met Katie & George, and when they overheard us on the phone inquiring about tow trucks, they offered to drive us to church the next morning and help us get our car to a mechanic.

We joined them for their Easter service (which was lovely), and then after the service, Katie’s generous mother invited us to join them for Easter dinner. We were blown away, and in that moment, Taylor and I looked at each other and smiled in amazement at God’s goodness and provision. It ended up being a perfect weekend with the Mannales & Coyshes, filled with really beautiful memories, laughter, and stories we’ll never forget. We are so thankful to have met them and grateful for their help and hospitality.

Katie was more than 8 months pregnant at the time, and before the sun set I grabbed a few maternity shots of her and her husband. They are such a beautiful pair! The following day, they picked us up for lunch and then dropped us off to get our newly repaired car. And although car repairs ended up costing us quite a bit, the friendships and experience we gained were priceless. We wouldn’t take back that muffler incident for anything. Everything worked out perfectly that weekend, and we wouldn’t change a thing!

We never made it to the city for Easter, but we didn’t mind. Instead, we had an amazing meal with a beautiful family who we will always treasure as our Long Island Family!

Now, our long Island Family has now grown by one 8 lb, 7 oz baby boy named George Jr.! We are so happy for you, Katie & George, and for your entire family. Can’t wait to meet this little blessing!



  1. Rebecca, this is beautiful! We were so blessed to have you with us on Easter! God has the best plans. I feel bad that it included car troubles for you, for us it was just a real sweet visit with our “extended family” that we had just not met yet! Love you guys. Looking forward to our next visit…. minus the car troubles:)

  2. God is sooo good, the way He works things out! We LOVED getting to know you two wonderful souls and we were SOOO blessed by these amazing photos! God has given you such a beautiful talent Rebecca! We are truly thankful!! Love you!

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