iamorphaned’s Chalkboard Night | Support Women in Malawi

Last night, my friend Gabe from iamorphaned.com hosted a really creative fundraiser to support her special project in Malawi. Not only did she and her team help a group of women in Malawi start a farming project to raise pigs, the women are also learning to read and write!

Because resources are scarce for these women, Gabe hosted a “Lap Chalkboard Decorating Night” that raised funds to cover the Malawian volunteer who is teaching the women how to read, and provides 22 women with their own personal chalkboard to practice their writing at home.

Everyone started by writing a message on the back of the board for the women who will own these boards.

Then, the painting began! As you can see, some participants were really creative.

I don’t claim to be an artist, at least not the painting type! So, I stuck with a very simple design of the alphabet, since the women will be practicing their letters on this board.

It was a beautiful, fun night for everyone and I am so proud of Gabe and her work with the Malawian women. What a difference she is making! Visit iamorphaned.com and contact Gabe to find out how you can contribute to this exciting project.


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