Good Morning Tacos | Breakfast Recipe

I’m a huge fan of breakfast foods, but I’m rarely up early enough to eat, let alone, cook breakfast before rushing out the door. Our cupboards are usually stocked with cereal, because this girl is not the kind of wife that rolls out of bed to cook breakfast for her husband! Don’t get me wrong though, I do LOVE a good breakfast, but I normally eat it later in the day!

Last week, my road trip was coming to an end, and I spent one final evening in DC with my lovely best friend. The next morning, I was up bright and early to say goodbye and hit the road. There were leftovers from the delicious fajitas and tacos we devoured the night before, so I just threw them together and good morning tacos were born.

The salsa and cheese tastily dress up the eggs, and the corn tortillas add texture and make them convenient for eating. A delicious breakfast topped with basil leaves is enough to woo me out of bed and may even be enough for me to adjust my stay-up-late-sleep-in ways.

And yes, all of these ingredients can be found, conveniently, at your local Wegmans. You’ve just got to try their line of salsas! My new favorite is their  garlic & lime salsa – so tasty!



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