Portraits from the Vert Ramp

Just a couple of months ago, I approached my friend Amy with an idea for a fundraiser. Amy is an incredible person who is also the director of Community Helping Hands at the Gateway Center in Jamestown, NY. The Gateway Center has a pretty sweet indoor skatepark where a lot of kids from the community skate and ride bike, and houses several programs and ministries that really impact the city of Jamestown. I am a huge fan of their work in the community, and have wanted to get involved and support them for some time.

Between the two of us, my idea for a portrait fundraiser turned into a $5 Photo Booth at their annual event, Spring Jamm. Kids can pay $5 to have their portrait taken with their gear, and receive both a digital copy and print following the event.

So, Wednesday & Thursday, I will be shooting portraits at Soaring Up skate park at the Gateway Center and we hope to raise a good sum of money to support the work of Community Helping Hands. A huge thanks to Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union for sponsoring our $5 Photo Booth fundraiser! I’m really excited to be a part of this, and for the photo galleries that will follow.

Watch for more of these cool portraits coming soon!


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