A Lovely Birthday Dinner

After an entire year of adventure and chaos, a chill, laid-back birthday was just the fix. We’ve been staying with our friends, Mike, Meaghan & Molly, while our apartment is being readied. It has been such an enjoyable treat!

Meaghan designed and created a lovely birthday dinner for me and Molly helped us eat it. One spaghetti noodle at a time!

To top off the birthday dinner, Meaghan assembled a huge, strawberry napoleon, one of my favorite desserts!

Molly thoroughly enjoyed the dessert, and had us cracking up with her whipped cream goatee!

We are beyond blessed to have such beautiful, generous friends who welcomed us back to Syracuse with open arms! They made my birthday so special, and for the past two weeks, we’ve created such fond memories together. I can’t wait for next week, when I’ll shoot Meaghan’s maternity photos with the three M’s!



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