In China: Taking Risks & Stepping Out in Faith

I remember both the thrill and the anxiety I felt before stepping onto a plane bound for Colombia last fall. We had just quit our jobs, moved from our home in Syracuse, and said goodbye to both of our families.  It was scary and we had little idea of what our lives would look like once we arrived, but we trusted God’s leading and direction in our lives.

It was incredibly risky, but we stepped out in faith and during the process gained more life lessons, more growth opportunities, and more love for each other than ever before. Now, in hindsight, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Shortly after we returned from our adventure in Colombia, I ran into Anneli Johnson who I met at Mission Meadows last summer. She is a beautiful young woman with a passion for helping people- specifically, special needs orphans in China. Her younger sister, Kiah, was adopted from China, and the two of us shared a special bond this past summer.

Anneli told me of her desire to return to China and serve special needs children, but also shared her fears of risks and the unknown. And as I listened, I heard my own thoughts from months earlier being articulated, and smiled at the familiarity of the words.

It’s scary to leave everything you know behind. It’s risky to pack up two suitcases and step on a plane bound for a new home. It’s difficult to leave knowing you’ll miss birthdays & other celebrations of your loved ones. But when you are called to leave, you mustn’t delay, or the window of opportunity might close and you’ll never know what could have been. Everyone should take risks and step out in faith. It’s a requirement for full, adventurous living, and when you trust God and follow His calling, you are never disappointed.

In just a few short months following our first chat over coffee, Anneli raised several thousand dollars to support her incredible work and last week, on her birthday, she bravely stepped onto a plane bound for China. I am so incredibly proud to call her my friend. Follow her journey at New Day Foster Home in China and see what kind of possibilities can come to life when you trust God, take risks, and step into your calling.


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