No Glitz & Glamour: Homeless in Las Vegas

When my husband discovered that his next work assignment was in Las Vegas, he asked if I wanted to tag along even though it was only for a few days. When else would we have the opportunity to travel to Vegas with most of our expenses covered? I was thrilled at the opportunity to travel and explore a place I’ve never visited before. While he was busy working, I played the tourist by exploring the famous Vegas strip and later, adventuring outside the city limits.

One of my goals was to photograph parts of Vegas you don’t always see in the movies or in typical tourist photos. This challenge led me to meet some of the men & women who literally live on the streets of Las Vegas.

I mostly met people along the pedestrian bridges that cover the strip. After formal introductions, I asked if I could photograph them, and just so there was a fair exchange, we’d trade money/food for photos. Once I ran out of change, I began to barter with trail mix and cereal bars which was a huge hit. I think more often than not my new friends actually preferred the trade for food over money.

I met only a handful of many who make their home on these streets outside the glitz and glamour of the strip that we so often see in movies and advertisements and learned that what happens in Vegas … sometimes leaves people homeless.



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