Old Barn Destroyed by Fire

Yesterday afternoon, I was on my way to the gym when suddenly I heard screaming sirens and caught sight of the sky filled with dark, gray clouds of smoke. I soon learned that a barn down the road was engulfed in flames and firefighters were rushing to the scene. 

A friend of mine shared with me that it was a historic barn built back in 1870. It was reported that within 6 minutes, the entire top half was engulfed in flames and destroyed. The fire was still burning when I took these photos, and continued to burn, although it seemed very much under control by the collaboration of neighboring fire departments.

It was such a sad sight and terrible loss to the owners who must be so thankful to the woman who called in the fire and for the firefighters who rushed to the scene.  Thankfully, no one was injured, and the fire was contained to just the barn. With all of the powerful winds we experienced yesterday, it could have easily spread to the surrounding fields or homes across the street. Thank God it was only the barn!

I hope and pray the owners will be able to rebuild once the remnants of the barn are disposed of. It is always difficult to start over, but hopefully the next structure they build will stand strong for over 130 years like its predecessor.


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