How Life Begins

Immediately following Christmas, we welcomed our littlest nephew, Calvin Michael, to our world. In a Chicago hospital, his two-day old wide eyes blinked slowly while he took in his surroundings. He’s such a sweet baby boy! Only 48 hours earlier, we were anticipating his arrival and moments later, the phone call came. Our family celebrated the joy of Cal’s arrival with his parents, Jessica and Jakob, and we rang in the new year Chicago-style with the newest little Ondrey.

The beginning of life never ceases to amaze me, and sweet Calvin was no exception. His entrance reminded me of just how life begins.

It begins with wonder.

Life begins with change.

Life begins with love.

He is perfect in every way, and I was honored as his aunt to photograph a bit of his life’s beginnings!

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  1. Love everything about this post Rebecca. I know I’m a little biased. I cannot thank you enough for capturing Calvin’s first days- these photos are something we will cherish forever! You have such a gift!!

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