The Year in Pictures

2011 was simply one of the most extraordinary years of my life to date, and I have more than 5,000 photos of wonder-filled moments to prove it. This year of fulfilled dreams included a stint of living abroad in a major city,and pursuing photography as something more than just a hobby.

Of the thousands of memories that 2011 is comprised of, here is the year in pictures with links to select posts from last year’s blog posts.

The Year In Pictures

With the bitter cold biting at our heels, we spent much of January INDOORS cookingvisiting family & friends, & hosting Breakfast Clubs.

I kept warm all February in the kitchen cooking up dinners, desserts, and more while feeding my growing appetite for photography.

Snow turned into rain, and a bout of warmer weather inspired us to travel south, first to Philly and then later to Colombia where I celebrated my birthday in a unique way. Scattered in between were easy homemade meals including one-pot recipes.

Spring finally arrived and the warmer weather inspired us to host more Breakfast Clubs. I continued blogging some of my favorite appetizer recipes, like fondue and bruschetta, and photographing some of my favorite things.

We began preparing for big life changes while still spending time with family, learning new things, meeting new people, & enjoying our lovely park. Our impending departure from Syracuse made me realize how much I loved shopping at the Farmer’s Market and cooking in our yellow kitchen. We spent as much time with friends and family as we could fit in our schedule, and hosted one of our final Breakfast Clubs.

June 5 marked our one-year anniversary, and we kicked off our second year of marriage with family reunions and a white-water rafting trip. Then, we said goodbye to our beloved home in Strathmore, friends, & church family and embarked on a new chapter.

Our summer was jump-started with Fireworks at Ashville Days and we ventured forward into the Land Between. And I switched from to

In both July & August, there were back to back weeks of Children’s Ministry events including the Courtney Street project & Mission Meadows. They were all incredible experiences, but speaking at Mission Meadows was the most challenging & rewarding. We celebrated our niece’s first birthday, and prepared to embark on our adventure.

Saying goodbye to family is never easy, and we did it over and over with our loved ones. We flew out of Chicago, stepped off the plane into Colombia, and began exploring. It was all new to us, and we drank in every experience including sunset walks,  street scenes, old plazas, rooftop views, and bumpy bus rides home.

We made the pilgrimage up to Monserrate and celebrated Halloween, Colombian-style while working and living in Bogotá. I attempted my first video recipe, and continued photographing city sights.

Alongside working & volunteering, I photographed some of our dear friends in Simon Bolivar Park, and then we returned home just in time for Thanksgiving to photograph dear friends and family for Christmas.

This past month was packed with coveted family visits, photoshoots, & the launch of the Esperanza photo book. Christmas was beautiful, celebrated with both families. We are eagerly stepping into this new year with great expectations & unabashed hopes. Thanks for following along through my blogs for the past 12 months, and welcome to the blogging year of 2012!

May YOUR new year dreams come true!



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