What on Earth is DoddFest?

I had no idea what DoddFest was until two summers ago when Daynia Dodd, its founder & creative leader, first invited me to attend! It is a Dodd Family annual event that’s a combination of both family reunion and friend fest complete with mouth-watering food, crazy fun games and prizes, and a whole slew of activities that delight guests for hours on end. In short, it’s extraordinary and memorable for all those who attend!

This past summer, I had the pleasure of photographing the event. Here are just a few of my DoddFest 2011 favorites.

There was an extraordinary face-painter who transformed everyone’s faces. This station was a huge hit!

There was a Bubble Man who entertained both kids and adults with his crazy antics! Smiles were plastered on people’s faces all day! It was sheer delight to photograph & see everyone having such a great time. They will never forget the fun they had!The reptile “petting zoo” was too cool, and these activities were only a few of the many stationed around the property. I can’t resist sharing more of DoddFest with you, because it was truly spectacular. Watch for another post, coming soon!


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