Can You Beat this $7 Breakfast for Two?

Last Sunday, we enjoyed breakfast at a local heladeria (dessert shoppe) near our good friend’s church. We arrived to the neighborhood early, so we decided to grab a quick meal before church. A heladeria typically sells ice cream, desserts, beverages, etc. but on the weekends, this specific one also offers a variety of dishes for breakfast (desayunos).

Our combined meal started with freshly squeezed mandarin juice (jugo de mandarina), croissant (pan), coffee (tinto), & sliced mango & starfruit (mango y la carambola).Taylor ordered a tamal, not quite knowing what it was, but hoping it was similar to the Mexican tamals our friends have treated us to in the past.Opening a tamal is like opening a steaming present! It’s wrapped & tied in banana leaves, and filled with a savory combination of rice, chicken, peas, & masa. It is a simply delicious, all-in-one meal that is warm, filling. Once you’ve had this kind of breakfast, you want it every morning!I found a recipe for these Colombian tamals on one of my favorite cooking sites, My Colombian I can’t wait to try making these, although I think I will stick to just chicken, and omit the pork belly & ribs. I delighted in observing each portion of the meal being prepared, including the waffle with homemade batter. It was topped off with raspberry sauce, sprinkles, & strawberry ice cream. Dessert for breakfast? Yes, I think so!Our chef & server was the sweetest girl, Catalina, who was a multi-tasking queen in the kitchen (la cocina).  It was hands down the best $7 breakfast we’ve had, and more food than we could finish. It will be tough to beat this breakfast!



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