A Beautiful Family in Simón Bolívar Park

Last Saturday, Taylor and I joined the Jimenez Rodriguez family for a photoshoot and a picnic at Simón Bolívar Park, a greenspace in Bogotá that is larger than Central Park.

These pictures don´t even do this family justice! They are beautiful both inside and out, and the kids are full of personality and fun to be around. It is a gift to know them!

Both parents, Marie & Pastor Alexis, work at La Fundacíon El Pacto Esperanza (photobook coming soon!) deeply impacting the lives of children in Bolívar, Bogota, Colombia. God bless this boy’s mother, I don’t know how she says “no” to this face! At a whole 3 years of age, Thomas is already a stud & knows how to “work it”.Sophie is such a pleasant, responsible 8 year old who finds great joy in her brother, and has a beautiful, contagious laugh!

I have so many favorites of this lovely family that you’ll see in following posts! 


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