Japonesa for Halloween Is Not Politically Correct, but It Is Cute

Shortly before Halloween, I read “We’re a Culture, not a costume” this Halloween from cnn.com and strongly agreed with this statement.

“To treat a character like Batman or Superman as a Halloween costume is one thing, but to treat an entire ethnicity as a costume is something else. It suggests that people conflate the actual broad diversity of a culture with caricatures and characters.”

Then, I went home and the Colombian mother we live with excitedly announced to us that her 3 year old daughter was planning to dress up as a Japonesa for Halloween. We both smiled and congratulated her, and later laughed about it because this is Colombia where it often feels like political correctness in terms of race & culture does not exist. I’m learning to deal with it!

The next day, Gabri proudly presented herself as “Kung Fu Panda” the Japonesa. (I had not the heart to tell her the beloved character is actually Chinese.) Although, it’s not politically correct, you must admit, she was pretty darn cute!

This face of sorrow above followed her swiping the lipstick on her sleeve. The tears only smeared her eye makeup a little!

Below is a shot of Gabriela with her mother & grandmother. Three beautiful generations!

I followed Gabriela to her preschool where her teachers & classmates happily posed for a photo!


One comment

  1. What a beautiful girl and gorgeous photographs. I agree about the no culture costumes…and why are some cultures acceptable costume subjects but others aren’t? Interesting that you are finding Colombia to be less sensitive to such matters.

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