Monserrate´s Mesmerizing Views

Recently, we made the trek up Monserrate to the historic church, one of the iconic places here in Bogotá. We travelled by funicular (cable railway) about 2,000 ft above the city. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day to journey there with mild weather, sun, puffy clouds, and the absence of rain.

Once at the top, it was quite breathtaking from both the elevation and the stunning panoramic views. I found myself thankful to have my camera, and wishing a little for a wide-angle lens to capture the essence of all that lay below. Still, I am thankful for my trusty 50 mm lens that has served me well during our stay. 

There is a stone path where you can follow the stations of the cross,  both beautiful & meaningful!
I have narrowed my photo selection to favorites, but since the number is still pretty high, another post on Monserrate is coming soon!



  1. You have posted three posts since I last looked! The last two have been such reminders of being up on the mountain at the church. For us it was after Christmas and all the decorations were up and I see they are up again. Maybe they never come down!
    Beautiful pictures. Great memories!

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