One Month Anniversary

Today marks one month since we moved here. We did it! But not without some trials and lessons along the way. To celebrate, here are some streets shots from our new home.

I love these shots of this little girl in the street because she seems so confident, and also, I felt that she might be safer with a strong, best friend by her side. They are a little blurry because I shot them through a car window.

This little cutie kept playing peek-a-boo with me on the bus! One of the few times I have pulled my camera out while riding along.We wondered out loud when we saw this guy from the back of our friend’s car, “Where is the rest of his truck?” 

Couldn’t resist capturing these love birds outside a shopping center! Loved the composition of how they were resting there.

The picture below on the left  is one I shot from the back of the bus. A sad sight that is very common here. The other is the neighborhood where La Esperanza resides.
This one I also shot from the backseat of the car, through the rear windshield. I loved these color dresses and the sisterhood I saw here on the street.



  1. it’s crazy that it’s already been a month. i look at your pictures and you just really capture things. and your descriptions always bring tears to my eyes because of their honestly and beauty. you’re a gift!

    • Sar, thank you for continually encouraging me. Each moment we capture on film is a memory that will never fade in our hearts and minds. This time in our lives is very precious. I’m so glad we can share this with you through our posts.

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