Ajiaco in La Cocina de La Esperanza

Ajiaco is a most delicious, traditional Colombian soup that consists of potatoes, cilantro, chicken, and corn on the cob. It is typically served with cream & capers, but when you’re feeding over 150 kids at La Esperanza, you stick to the basics. I got to witness these women create Ajiaco from scratch in some of the largest soups pots I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Accompanying the Ajiaco, was a huge pot of arroz (rice), pollo con salsa (chicken in sauce), and some green vegetables. Quite the balanced meal!
We communicated with broken English & Spanish & hand gestures, and laughed at & with each other all afternoon. They made me think of how Sarah, from Sarah, Plain & Tall, called her three aunts, the three treasures. Three treasures indeed.

Delicious Ajiaaco below.

We filled tray after tray with food, and stacked them for teachers to bring to their class tables. As soon as a tray of dishes returned, they dove into soapy water for a washing, and were quickly dried for the next batch of kids.

It was an honor to observe and help make lunch, and I realized the amount of hard work these women pour into each and every meal. Their efforts provide warm, delicious meals (also healthy!) for children who might not otherwise eat, so that they can concentrate on their studies and endure yet another day in San Francisco. 

We laughed together as we cleaned up, and then they banished me from la cocina to sample their delicious efforts. It was the best Ajiaco I’ve ever tasted! After a full day, we left La Esperanza with full hearts and full stomachs.
We are looking forward to partnering with this ministry and supporting the extraordinary staff as they empower the children & families of San Francisco!



  1. So cool. Careful you don’t find yourself in one of those huge pots! I remember having Ajiaco at a restaurant when we visited Hauna. Very tasty (except not a fan of capers).

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