Homemade Juice in La Cocina (The Kitchen) Esperanza

We like to be helpful, if we can. And we like to be busy. So, it was difficult to find a spot to plug in at La Esperanza, because they are equipped with such extraordinary, loving teachers who selflessly care for the children. A good problem to have! After photographing the children, I decided to stop being a distraction to them, and wandered downstairs to la cocina where two very capable cooks were busy at work.

These woman are extraordinary, and not just because they do the work of 4 or 5 people. They make everything from scratch, including the kids’ juice! No CountryTime Lemonade or Kool Aid up in here!

It’s quite a process, making this juice! First, we peeled tomates (not as acidic as tomatoes), one by one, and then we blended them in batches with both aqua and azucar (sugar).

Then, the juice is strained and poured into cups, ready to serve! As soon as the cups came back, we washed them and started on the next batch of tomate juice for the older kids.

It was such an honor to work side by side with these women. I think maybe I was more work than help for them, but I was thankful for their patience and hospitality!

Part II of my experience in La Cocina de Fundación La Esperanza coming soon!


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