Faces of La Esperanza Photobook?

I am considering designing a photobook with a compilation of photos from Bogotá and La Esperanza. I´ll be using your feedback to decide if this is a project I should pursue. Comment below to “vote” for this, and please leave some feedback on size and price. What do you think would be a good price to cover my costs and production, and also donate to Fundación La Esperanza?

This little girl was quite a character!

Let me know what your thoughts of a photobook below!



  1. Hi Rebecca! What a lovely idea! Would this be to raise money for the work you are doing? I absolutely love the way you capture people–it is a real gift!! Maybe $30 would be a price that many people would be willing to spend?. . .

  2. Beautiful photos Rebecca! I can almost hear the curly haired precious littel girl laughing as you have captured her persoanlity so well! Greeting cards with a caption on the outside but blank inside might be another way to go.These can be used as a fund raiser and they are useful. I have even taken beautiful greeting card pictures and put them in frames!

  3. I think it’s a great idea for a fundraiser. You have such a wonderful talent for capturing the moments as they are happening. What a wonderful idea!

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