Market & Bus Ride Home

Up near where we are working, there is a lovely park where indigenous crafters, cooks, and farmers sell their wares each Saturday morning. Walking through the stands reminded me of the Syracuse Regional Market where we shopped each weekend. It reminded me of our old home.

It’s not every day an indigenous man boards your bus to serenade you with Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”! What a treat! He was incredibly talented, and we thanked him for his performance.

After another long day, we took our bumpy, bus ride home. We love to sit in the back where there is more leg room and after rush hour, the buses fly through the city. You literally get a good 6 inches of air off your seat over some potholes! Love, from Bogotá



  1. One of the “perks” of growing up in NYC and taking mass transit was and is all the different things you hear and see in the train. When I worked in the city I got off everyday at the Union Square Station and you would see these men playing the strange wooden flutes that sounded so beautiful, soothing. I always wondered where they may be from. Think you answered my question. Thank you for taking us thru your journey in Bogota and helping me remember how NYC has such a strange and fascinating way of introducing us to the many wonders of other cultures even underground.

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