Sunset Walk on La Esperanza

Back in Syracuse,  there was a beautiful park near our home that was the cornerstone of our historic neighborhood. It  is called Upper Onondaga Park and has a still, quiet lake edged with a stone wall, and home to plenty of ducks and a beautiful gazebo on the water.  We miss the serenity and lovely green of that park, where we would walk almost every day during mild weather. I close my eyes and remember long walks this time last year, under canopies of red & orange leaves. We loved watching the trees burst into color, before lending its leaves to the cold, winter ground. There are such beautiful memories of that time and place, and I love to look back and remember these sweet times.
Here in our new home, we set out hand in hand for an evening walk. As we walk along the noisy “La Esperanza” or The Hope and I can’t help but think how fitting it is that we should walk along this street. For over 6 months, it felt like we were hoping and dreaming of an adventure in Bogota. I think to myself, here we are. No longer waiting, but hoping, still.

We continue walking along the barbed wire fence that borders a field in the middle of the city.The sun sets early here, around 6pm and streaks of gold and purple fill the sky each night. I stop to look at two dogs running through the field.

Taylor is so patient as I quickly warn him before stopping to aim and shoot the sun that is steadily sinking into the horizon. My hand reaches through barbed wire to skim tall, overgrown grass that is bowing down to the sun.

We continue walking. The street is congested with chugging buses and impatient taxis filled with tired people who just want to get home. Even the dirty pollution of this city can´t ruin an evening like this one.

The windmill seems so out of place in the middle of a city crowded with people, cars, and buildings. It’s black silhouette stands out against a sky of fading colors.

We cover our mouths as we passed a dusty construction site. I can´t resist peeking through the tarps to capture one last view of the sky going to sleep.

Darkness falls on us, as we pick up the pace along El Dorado (the road of the aeropuerto), and wrap up our walk by jumping onto a crowded bus. And head home to Fòntibon. Home.


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