Agua in a Bag and Our Favorite Food

It has been just over a week since our arrival in Bogotá, and we are quickly adjusting to all that surrounds us. There are many parts we find exciting, and others that are very difficult. I have had a couple very emotional moments where I feel frustrated, homesick, and alone, but overall, I cannot complain. We are so thankful to God for everything we are experiencing, even the tough things. Here, we buy our delicious drinking water at a local mercado (there are 5 or 6 in our neighborhood within close walking distance). The water is packaged in bags like this one below and lasts us for about 2.5 days. With a price tag of $1, it is not so bad! Drinking water this way is forcing teaching us to conserve and be less wasteful. We are loving the Colombian food we’ve tasted including these egg & chicken empanadas from a street stand up north. They were especially delicious with a side of scallion & cilantro salsa. Someone in line in front of us convinced me that the round empanadas were simply the best. We were pleasantly convinced after biting in and tasting the delicious combination. We topped those empanadas off with a 7up, and found ourselves in a form of lunch heaven! One of our favorites places to eat is Crepes & Waffles, where we joined our dear friend, Juanity for lunch last Sunday. We don’t frequent the place to often, because it’s a bit more expensive than other local food, but IT’s worth every penny! It’s modern classy and has such a mouth-watering menu, that it’s hard to decide. Some of us (naming no names here) like to order two or three items just to feel satsifed. The photos below don’t do the mini waffles I ordered and Juanita’s ice cream justice!  If ever you visit us in Bogotá Crepes & Waffles will be first on our list to enjoy together. Another one of our favorite chains is Juan Valdez Café, the Starbucks of Colombia. The Juan Valdez’s here are many, and they make a great cup of coffee. Also I love their fruppés that are like fruit smoothies con aqua o leche. Just turn any corner in Bogotá and you can find yourself a lovely Juan Valdez Café like the one below. On Monday, following one of Taylor’s interviews, we explored a street in Chapinero Norte, where we may be living and working soon. It was there we discovered this delicious Greek restaurant called Gyropolis that was operated by the sweetest family. Taylor was so excited to sit next to Nelson Mandela (we originally mistook him for Morgan Freeman) following his interview at a local university. We’ll find out the results in a few weeks!



  1. those waffles and ice cream look sooo good! happy your enjoying all the food. I have had the cilantro and scallion salsa in a Colombian restaurant in NYC with my dearest friend Ally along with empanadas which Gary and I love. Enjoy! you guys look great

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