Why We Are Moving to Colombia & Other FAQs

We are currently T minus 18 days until our grand departure arrival. Soon, we’ll be touching down in Bogotá, Colombia to begin this great adventure!

Months ago, we discussed our plans with our families and gave the news to our friends & employers.  Once we assured them that what they heard was indeed correct, we began to answer the many questions that followed.

While I answer a few FAQs about our destination & plans, enjoy these photos from overhead and on the streets that I shot during our first visit.

Why did you decide to leave your jobs, your home? Although our life in Syracuse was very comfortable & we both had great jobs, there was a dissatisfaction that settled in.  From that was born a strong desire, a call if you will, to leave the home we know and live abroad. From there, the vision and steps toward that goal became very clear!

Why did you choose Bogotá, Colombia of all places to live? Taylor’s sister, Hauna, lived and worked there for almost 8 months during her internship at a seminary in Bogota. We visited her in Colombia this past March and fell in love with the country. After much prayer and planning, we decided to pack our bags and begin a new chapter in Bogotá.

How long are you planning to stay down there? It’s indefinite right now, but we hope for at least 6-12 months before the next move, whether it’s back home or someplace new.

What will you be doing there? We will be living, working, and volunteering. I plan to photograph a lot of people, places, & stuff, and of course, we’ll be blogging & travelling. One of the places I’m looking forward to visiting and volunteering at is Fundación Esperanza Pacto, a thriving children’s ministry we visited.

Where will you be staying? When we first arrive, we will be staying with dear friends of Hauna’s, Alexis & Ana and their adorable daughter, Gabriela for a few weeks. Beyond that, we’ll keep you posted!

What is the weather like? It takes people by surprise to hear the climate in Bogota is quite mild. We experienced beautiful 60-65 degree weather each day we were there, and we’ve heard this is consistent throughout the year during both wet & dry seasons. Taylor’s excited for the jeans & long-sleeved tee weather every day!

Is it safe? Parts of Bogota remind me of New York City, which means you can enjoy yourself but still be careful. Some parts are safer than others, but you definitely need to be smart and aware of your surroundings. People share that the idea of Colombia generates all sorts of images, like jungle or that shoot-’em-up scene in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Truth is it’s more modernized and safer than most people think.

When will you be back to visit? We hope to return for Christmas with our families!

Do you have any questions about our upcoming move? Ask them below!



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