The Land Between & a Sunset on Chautauqua Lake

Each time I watch the sun set, I savor it until the very end, as if I’ll never see one again. The orange streaks and purple hued clouds hold me captive right up until they dissipate into a darkening sky. Another day is gone as quickly as it came to us, and under a dark sky we begin to anticipate a new day, a fresh start. The time stretched between this day and the next is spent reflecting, resting, and reorganizing our thoughts to tackle another day and make the most of it.

Recently, we relocated to a city across the state, which can be risky and difficult, but we’ve found in the past few weeks, our move (once completed) has brought us joy and fulfillment. We are thoroughly enjoying our new, temporary home with Jeff & Sali.

A year ago, if you had suggested that we’d be moving from our beautiful apartment, leaving our jobs, and living with Taylor’s parents before we moved overseas, we would’ve secretly wanted to slap you in the face with disbelief. But here we are, and honestly & a little unbelievably, we couldn’t be happier (& thankful we didn’t slap you). We’ve found ourselves in what Jeff Manion calls ‘The Land Between’ and it couldn’t be more opposite of a barren wilderness. We woke up one day and realized we’d been dreaming the same dreams, and that there wouldn’t be a better time than now to pursue them together. We prayed about it for months, trusting the path would begin to form beneath our eager feet. Now, 8 months later, we’ve stepped out in faith, and believe with our whole hearts this is exactly where we need to be. In the land between. There are times when it feels like we’re standing at the edge of a pier, about to leap out into God knows what. It’s risky and scary, but it’s also wonderful and exhilarating, and we wouldn’t trade this adventure for our old beautiful apartment with hardwood floors, our secure jobs, or our opportunity to live safe and comfortably in the same place doing the same things. It’s so worth it. Soon, we’ll be on our way to a fresh start, a new day.So, we are reflecting, resting and reorganizing our thoughts before this new day approaches. With our growing faith and quality time with loved ones, the land between hasn’t felt desperate or alone. We are so thankful for one closed chapter, and some time to learn and grow before the new one begins. As the sun sinks into the horizon and spills color across the lake, we hold onto hope that tomorrow will be filled with adventures, and that the land between will yield yet a wiser team who appreciates the stillness of waiting.



  1. First, congratulations on acting on your faith. I know that sounds weird, but so few actually do. It’s scary, risky, but can be unbelievably rewarding. I really hope your experience is more good than bad (though there will always be bad, but you know what I mean).

    Your pictures are wonderful as well.

      • I understand. My husband and I made a similar faith-based move recently, though not to a different country, mind you. It was really hard, and still is, fear-wise, but the rewards have already been great. I hope it’s the same for you.

        What country are y’all moving to?

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